Ultima Underworld I: A Walkthrough

A NOTE: I made this during a playthrough, and didn't go too far out of my way just to complete it. As such some of the maps are incomplete, if the areas I did not visit were not necessary to winning the game. This is especially evident on the 8th level.


Before your first play, run UINSTALL.EXE, select your sound options, exit, and then run UWSOUND.EXE, confirm that they are what you selected, and save and exit. This, in theory, will minimize the chance that you will encounter the dreaded "Object missing from list" error later in the game.

(Other things that various forum threads suggest will lower your chances of getting that error include not nesting your containers too deeply (your guess is as good as mine for what "too deeply" means), and don't leave large stashes of items on the fourth floor. Why fourth? I dunno, but guess where I stashed a bunch of stuff my first, aborted playthrough?)

(NOTE: According to the Ultima Codex wiki, the CD version fixes the inventory bug. This implies that the GOG version is not the CD version. I cannot confirm the veracity of this.)

First character:

If it's your first time playing, I have a recommended character for you- roll up a Druid and take the third one it offers you. Choose either Search or Lore as your extra skill. (I chose search.) This gives you no useless skills, and a high strength, which is vital because weight for your inventory is at a premium.

SKILLS - the only skills really worth getting are:

That's it, pretty much every other skill is a waste of points and programmer time.


You find a lot of shiny stuff- crowns, chains, scepters. Over the course of the game, you only actually need 28 gold (1 for a goblin guard, 7 for the Mountainfolk king, and 20 to reforge a sword). There is one item I considered worth trading gold for, and I did not record how much gold that required. You need 2 red gems for plot things, and a red ruby for one optional reward.

Aside from that, all the nice gems and gold you collect are just weighing you down. There are uses for it- paying for repairs or item ID- but nothing that is necessary.



(I will basically follow the player's guide's starting walkthrough for convenience.)

1. Entrance. Grab the bag for your map and some starting equipment.

2. Make sure to grab the bowl and the torch. The axe is optional, depends on your weapon preferences.

3. Grab ORT and JUX. You can't do anything with them yet, but that's ok.

4. Grab the backpack. Put all the runestones into the rune bag and put it somewhere convenient to access. Read the note and then drop it.
Here you get the RED KEY, which opens doors marked with A on my map.

You now have runes BIJLOS.

5. Pull the chain to get in. Grab the bag and unlock both doors.

6. Do the thing with the silver seed. Go to the east end of the room and search for secret doors. Head on through.

7. Easiest way to make these jumps is to get to the edge and use Shift-J, which is a standing forward jump, a fact the player card neglects to mention when it describes jumping.
Hit the button, go through the door. Read the walls to learn your first three mantras. Then I recommend saving and using SUMM RA until it gives you useful stuff.

Then jump to the remaining platform. Grab the GREY KEY [B] and unlock the door- now you can use this path to get back up if you fall into the water. (If you fall in the water first, you can break the lock with a single weapon blow.)

8. Look at the Orb. Remember what it shows you: the green path. Also, there is a rotworm to kill on the way in- grab its corpse and hold onto it for the rotworm stew later.

9. Bedroll. You'll want this.
Just outside this room is Bragit, an Outcast. He'll tell you some about this floor of the Abyss, and also offhandedly mention something that comes in useful in general- you can use a pole to push buttons beyond your reach. Note that you cannot do this with a fishing pole!

10. Switch that opens the door at the north end of the room.

11. Two poles and a box. You can grab the box for inventory space but ditch the sling and stones. One of the poles you'll turn into a fishing pole and solve all your food problems forever, the other you can keep to actually use as a pole.

12. Two Outcasts. They teach you some about the Abyss.

13. Gulik and Hagbard. Both are Outcasts; Hagbard is their leader.

14. Box with two runestones (M and Y). There's a Lurker in the water here, and they're pretty tough at low level, so you might want to grab the box and run.

You now have runes BIJLMOSY.

15. In here is another copy of key [B], and some stairs down.

16. A spellcasting monster lives in here but he isn't too tough. In here is a scroll that tells you how to cast a Jump spell (Uus Por).

17. In here is Drog, a green goblin guard. He's not very nice but he'll open the portcullis if you ask.

18. Talk to Lanugo, the guard first. You can bribe him with a single gold piece. He'll tell you to be very flattering to the king. Be polite and he will give you the recipe for Rotworm stew, which you will want later on. Keep the paper the recipe is on- unless most things in this game where the paper just teaches you how to do it, here you actually need to Use the recipe to make the stew.

19. These four dials control the heights of the four platforms in the room to the west. To get to the small chamber above the room, you want to make a zig-zag staircase of sorts. To do this you want to basically reverse the heights of the 4 moveable platforms. (The solution by dial is, from left to right and with 0 as straight up: 0 1 3 4.) The room's contents- a gravestone and a box with most of a suit of leather (which you should have by now), a worn axe (no better than what you probably have by now unless it's magic and I didn't realize), a "resilient sphere" which I don't yet know what they do, and a scepter of mana boost. (NOTE: Having finished the game, I found two resilient spheres and no sign that they have any use whatsoever.)

20. Eb the grey goblin guard.

21. Retichal. You need her permission to talk to the king. Then go through the door to the south and speak with Ketchaval, King of the Gray Goblins. He'll tell you about Navrey Night-Eyes. Probably best if you don't mention having spoken with the Green Goblins.

22. Navrey. It's a good idea to grab the leeches from the cave before the bridge, as Navrel poisons. Grab all three things of thread, and drag one onto one of the two poles to turn it into a fishing pole. Thus are your food problems solved. The other two will be valuable later.

23. Through a secret door is this fountain, which heals you.


1. Shrine

2. Ironwit. He needs his blueprints back. Try not to fall down off the raised platforms in the maze, but you can get some good XP down there if you can take out the headlesses.

3. Stay on the gold path. The key [C] to the rooms with the flying potion and also the room with the blueprints is at the end of the path.

4. Take the green potion. The red is the poisonous one.

5. The blueprints and an Uus stone. (BIJLMOSUY if you're doing this in the same order I am.) Be careful, it's easy to have the fly potion run out and have to run along the base, and I think getting the blueprint spawns a headless down there (I cleared it out and when I fell there was one new headless to fight).

Take the blueprints back to (2). Remember that to give them to him you have to put them in the trade window. He'll give you another flying potion. There's nowhere in specific that requires it, so feel free to have fun with it.

6. King Goldthirst. Don't call him a dwarf. Offer him some gold (7 works, didn't bother testing smaller amounts) and he'll tell you the password for the guard to the treasure room ("Deco Morono"- don't be too eager or he'll accuse you of wanting to steal it all). Later you can use the flying potion to loot it if you like, but there is a powerful golem guarding it. (I honestly never bothered, so I don't know what all is in it.)

7. The treasure room. You can look from above but don't jump down unless you want to fight the golem. He's pretty buff for the level you're probably at when you first visit, but it might be worth coming back later.

8. A whole tribe of hostile goblins. There's some ok loot if you fight your way through them.

9. Healing fountain.

10. The backpack in this room is one of several places you can find some Port, which you need for the Rotworm stew.

11. This complex has a few scrolls with mantras on them, to teach you how to improve Appraise, Attack, and Charm.

12. Portcullis can't be opened with any keys thus far found. You can come back when you're level 10 if Open works (sorry, I never tested this) or 12 elsewise, to open it with telekinesis, but the treasure inside is not actually worth the effort.

13. A spider guarding a key [D]. It does not open the portcullis but does open several doors in the mountainmen area.

14. An undamaged crown, which you would think would be awesome but appears to have no real use. I made this my storehouse. Also probably not a bad spot to replant the silver seed, if you were so inclined.

15. Hewstone the mountainman. Information but little more. In his room are some rock hammers the game considers unowned- grab one before confronting the Gazer in the northern mines so you can break apart the rockfall blocking it in.

16. Shak. You'll need to come back here (with 20 gold) when you want Caliburn repaired. He can teach you how to repair things, repair things for you, and identify items, for a price.

17. Mantra for Search.

18. The rockfall that pens in the Gazer. He's tough at this point- if you are playing on Standard difficulty, I recommend waiting until you've become a knight, and then return and kill it. Don't forget to grab a rock hammer. On Easy he's doable now. Once you slay it, return to Goldthirst and tell him you were lucky to defeat it, and he'll reward you with a gemcutter you'll want later. Behind the gazer is a bag with Por and Ylem.


1. There is a plaque in the NW corner which reads Left Right Center, the combination for the door to the east.

2. Here is a lizardman jailor and a mute prisoner. The prisoner (Murgo) is hungry- feed him and he will teach you the lizardman tongue. If you don't have the patience to go to the prisoner with every word you discover you don't know, here's a website with a list: http://archiv.sircabirus.com/uw1walk/pages/lizardmanlanguage.html

Once you know some lizardmanspeech, talk to the jailor (Sseetharee). You'll learn that Mungo is considered an enemy of the lizardmen because he stole some food. Give Sseetharee a pile of food and he'll let Mungo go.

3. Ishtass wants you to search for his leader's corpse, in exchange for information.

4. Here's where the leader's body is, notable for also having a book that the "mad wizard" had been carrying. Also, two runes, Sanct (a repeat) and Hur can be found here. (BHIJLMOSUY) The book gives you hints about the location of the Sword of Justice. Take the note back to Ishtass (#3 above) and he'll reward you with, among other things, a Nox rune (BHIJLMNOSUY).

5. Beat down the door and kill two skeletons for the green lizard man key [E].

6. Some loot, and Por and Ort runes. (BHIJLMNOPSUY)

7. Shrine. Also a sign with the mantra for unarmed combat.

8. Bag with key for thieves' hideout [G].

9. Bag with Des rune, a magical dagger, and red lizard man key [F].

10. Some loot and a lever. In the scroll case is a note about using the lever. I am not sure what it does, however.

11. Scroll with mantra of swimming. Also a friendly fighter named Zak. He has the taper of sacrifice, and will trade it for other light sources. In-game you don't find out that he has it until sometime later.

12. Merely stepping here teleports you to 13.

14. A magic scroll.

15. Another lever of unknown providence. The secret door to the south leads to a room with YLEM and GRAV runes.

16. Teleporter back to 12.

17. Thieves' hideout treasure, behind a secret door. Amusingly, the actual bandits here are only 'upset' and will not attack unprovoked. Walking into their hideout does not provoke. The box contains a Rel rune. (BHIJLMNOPRSUY)

If you like, you can become friends with the bandits. Talk to them and do not provoke, but be very apologetic and friendly. Each time you talk to each one without starting a fight seems to raise their friendliness by one, and once it hits Friendly, they will trade items. The head bandit has a chain shirt, the one in the hall has a potion, but the one in store room west has a Ring of Resist Blows, which you can buy for gold (unfortunately, I don't remember how much is needed.)

18. Defense mantra.

19. A shrine in a red lizardman's room.

20. A red lizardman who will trade you a scroll for a red ruby. He'll take a scratched ruby, no need to give him an unblemeshed one. In return he'll give you a scroll that has the Water Walk's words of power on it (Ylem Por).

21. Behind a secret door (look for the vines) is a lever that drains the pond south of the nearby bridge.

22. Shrine and a healing fountain.

23. The broken blade of Caliburn.

24. A book with the mantra for Acr


1. Old battleground. Hunt around- there's a silver ring (Ring of Leap), a potion, and two runes: An and Jux. (ABHIJLMNOPRSUY).

2. An outcast named Oradinar. He'll trade you a fishing pole if you don't already have one.

3. Three runes in a bag: An, Quas, and In. (ABHIJLMNOPQRSUY)

4. A small alcove that you can reach by, among other methods, using Levitation to get up the waterfalls. Up here you can find a Chain Shirt of Missile Protection.

5. Behind this secret door is a longsword and a ragged magical scroll. If you move the longsword you will see that it is perfectly hiding a flute, which you will need one of later.

6. The chest is locked, but you have the key in the form of any weapon that can beat it open. It contains a wand, a pile of money, and two runes: CORP and GRAV. (ABCGHIJLMNOPQRSUY)

7. An outcast named Linnet can tell you some useful stuff.

8. Some knights who can tell you a little of how to join their order. When asked if you are a fighter, respond with the "Sometimes, as the need arises" option.

9. This room has a bunch of knights in it. Most important is Dorna Ironfist, the leader of the Order, who can admit you into the order. Once you're accepted as a squire, others around the room will teach you mantras for the various weapon types.

When talking to Dorna, when you say you want to join the order, he'll ask you some questions. The responses are:

Then he will give you a quest to find the Writ of Lorne, which is in the troll section of the level. Once you finish all the quests he sends you on, he'll give you the Standard of Honor, one of the 8 talismans.

10. Talk to Lakshi and ask about the Writ of Lorne. He'll indicate that Rawstag is possessive about the area where the Writ is. Rawstag likes red gems of any size or quality.

11. Shrine, and the Writ. Return with the Writ to Dorna, and ask about other quests, and he will tell you to seek out a golden plate.

12. Derek, a craftsman who works in gemstones. He could use a good gemcutter, which King Goldthirst up on the second floor can provide if you kill the gazer. He'll tell you how to get the Ring of Humility if you give him the gemcutter.

13. Feznor. Don't say anything bad about Jhelom and you can get him to tell you about a lot of the puzzles on this level.

14. Trisch. She'll tell you the story of how they lost the Taper of Sacrifice. If you already have it, you can show it to her and she'll encourage you to hold on to it.

15. These gravestones tell you how to get past one of the puzzles: a door in the maze. Look at the coloration above the names on the tombstones. See #20 for the actual location and solution.

16. A shrine. The room just without has a bunch of scrolls/books on the floor with vague hints and clues about the level.

17. Biden tells the story of his encounter with Roderick, the Chaos Knight, and bids you defeat him. It's a good idea.

18. On the floor here in the banquet hall are some piles of gold, but also some single gold coins. Don't try to pick up the singleton pieces of gold- they don't stack with piles of coins, for some reason. Also note that a lot of the monsters in here are in fact mellow and can be left alone.

19. Roderick can be found here. Defeat him and you can get a nice sword of extra damage and another key [I]. When you return to Dorna once Roderick is defeated, he will present to you the Standard of Honor.

20. This is the puzzle the tombstones held the key to. Slip the switches in this order: silver, gold, gold, silver, silver, gold. Behind it is the gold plate Dorna asks you to find once you've finished the Writ of Lorne.

21. Mani and Jux runestones, which by this point you should already have.

22. If you fall into this room you can reach the buttons with a pole to create a platform to get back out. Doing so reveals an area with a gold chain and a wand.

23. A wand and a potion.

24. In the pit off the troll's room is a pouch with An and Sanct. Also, sometimes Sethar falls in here and you need to be here to interact with him.

25. The Knight's armory. The door here is opened when you return the golden plate to Dorna. Note that while you can take a full suit of plate armor now, good luck being able to hold onto anything else unless you hexedit your stats.

26. Optional puzzle. There are two dials that control which tile of the platform below is selected (E/W and N/S), and by hitting the upper button you can raise that space. The lower button lowers it. With this you can make stairs from which you can jump to the ledge in the NE corner, and from there to another set of stairs. I use these stairs because they lead right to the area where a quest item lies.

In the SE corner you can see that there is a passage out. Other walkthroughs say it's an illusory wall and if you jump just right you can go through it and there is an orb on the other side, but I was never able to find it and gave up.


1. The tomb of Cabirus. There's a flawless magical sceptre of Ally here.

2. This is where the bones of Garamon go later on. Make a note.

3. The hilt of Caliburn. Once you have both it and the blade, take them (and 20g) up to Shak in the mines of Level 2. Before you head back down you might want to fish until you have 10. NOTE: Once you make Caliburn, there is no more use for gold except paying people to repair items or identify them. And to be honest, I never had anything I cared about break, and was able to use Lore and Name Enchantment for my Identifying needs.
Note also that Caliburn is unbreakable. So even if you use another weapon to fight with, use it for breaking down doors and opening chests.

4. Mantra scroll for Lore.

5. I believe this secret door can only be found from the south side.

6. Marrowsuck, the tailor. If you show him the dragon scales and ask what he can do with them, he'll offer to make you boots if you pay in food. Give him the scales and the other two bits of ironsilk thread (from the spider on level 1) and return in half an hour with food. Just one fish is sufficient. Without these boots, levels 7 and 8 are nearly impossible to survive.

7. Shanklick, leader of the Ghouls. She can tell you more about where the troll took the Baron's daughter. Also in this room is Eyesnack. If you're carrying a flute when you talk to him, he will teach you the tune that reveals the Cup of Wonder on the third level. (The tune is: 3 5 4 2 3 7 8 7 5.) Note, after teaching you he drops the flute on the ground, so be sure to pick it back up again.

8. Bring 10 fresh fish to Kneeknibble and he'll tell you the access code for the teleporter into the mine. This allows you to do an optional quest. (The code is 7-2-6, set on three dials. 0 is straight up.)

9. Ghost with a bag with runes. Carries NOX, JUX, GRAV. Also has a book that teaches the mantra for Traps.

10. Another ghost, drops the key to the room it is in and to the room with the tombstone [I]. There is a box behind the tombstone, which contains the TYM and REL stones.

11. A heartbroken woman named Judy hangs out here. She can't remember what her dead love Tom looked like. You will later have an opportunity to bring her a picture.

12. A ghost here drops a book with the mantra for Stealth.

13. Anjor here will send you on a quest into the mine, and in exchange will give you a large lump of gold. The only real use for this lump of gold is that you can give it to King Goldthirst in exchange for a nice axe, but if you, like me, have been training up Sword skill it's not that useful.
The room also contains a shrine.

14. A scroll that teaches the spell Smite Undead (An Corp Mani).

15. Mine dispatch chamber.

16. The mine. Go play pacman for a while.

17. In the corner is a bag with a flute and a book that teaches the mantra for Lockpicking.

18. The chamber of the Ring of Humility. If you've given Derek the gemcutter, he will have told you flip the switches in this order: Northwest, southeast, northeast, southwest, and stay out of the center of the chamber while you do so- venturing into the middle resets the room unless you've hit all four switches.


1. The mage Shenilor. He'll give you directions to the library but that's about it.

2. Dominus. He will ID stuff for you.

3. Gralwart. He will promptly give you instructions for how to obtain a Vas runestone.

4. Fyrgen. He'll teach you how to use incense to have vivid dreams, and tell you about his dream of a demon too difficult to defeat.

To use incense, simply wave it over a lit torch. (Drop the incense on the torch, then put the lit incense in your inventory and Use it.) You'll need to do this thrice to get the full three-part mantra. (insahn)

5. Head back over here to get the Vas rune. To start, you must run between the eyes- the two Seer banners on the wall. This teleports you into a pit.
Then, pick up 4 emeralds. Jump up and place them on the pedastals in the corners, then return to the center and push the grey button. To leave, push the button in the orange wall plate, but make sure not to do this until you have the rune.
Putting the emeralds on the pedastals is a pain, you basically have to throw them. Save and practice a bit if you have to.

6. Back to the seers. Delanrey here is looking for Zak to get her candelabra back.

7. Bronus is looking for someone to bring a book to a colleage. Offer to do this for him. Don't open the book, it will kinda explode.

8. Ranthru asks you to venture into the dangerous northeastern section of the level and recover the book "On the Properties of Runestones". If you bring it to him, he will increase your Casting skill.

9. Morlock wants the book Bronus gave you. Give it to him, and then be honest about not having killed the fire hydra, and he will reward you with information about the Book of Honesty. "Thou shalt find it by the key behind the hourglass."

10. Louvnon will tell you about her researches into mantras that don't raise skills. This is a clue for what to do with the mantra revealed via incense.

11. Dr Owl. He somehow knows you freed his servent Murgo (the mute guy with the lizardmen), and so will offer you the Wine of Compassion. It is in the checkerboard room east of the meeting hall of the academy, under the southeastern floor tile.
Ask him about runes and let him see your bag and he will provide you with a FLAM runestone.

12. A talking door. You can get the words of power for the spell Sheet Lightning from it, and ask it nicely to open.

13. Within the barrel is an EX rune, one of the last two remaining to find.

14. Illomo, looking for his friend Gurstang.

15. Nilpont will tell you how to find the Golem. The Golem is a test of Valor, and defeating it grants you a reward- in this case, the Shield of Valor.

16. A shrine.

17. The Golem. Defeat him for the Shield of Valor.

18. The Wine of Compassion is here, under the SE floor tile.

19. This hourglass shaped room has a secret door to the south. After a difficult jump, you'll find a key shaped room with the Book of Honesty.

20. A crown of Great Protection. Tricky to get to, you have to walk on lava and do some jumping.

21. The book "On the Properties of Moonstones", which Ranthru in [8] is looking for. It is guarded by a gazer.

22. The only KAL runestone.

23. Mantra scroll for Mana. Pain to get to.

24. NOX and FLAM runestones. And why on earth did someone put a secret door there?

25. One of the books here has the mantra for Casting.

SPOILER: Entering level 7 will drain you of most of your mana. You get some back when you leave the level, but not necessarily all of it.

Level 7

1. Here is Cardon, whose brother is imprisoned on this level. He tells you some things about the level and the wizard who dominates it, and that he used to have a badge of passage that would allow you to get past the guards in various parts of the level. The badge, he says, he lost in the mines to the southeast.
That said, other walkthroughs agree that it's easier to just kill all the guard monsters.

2. A guard outpost.

3. This door closes and locks behind you. It doesn't appear to be able to be battered down, but swimming gets you access to a new area so go for it.

4. A wizard named Naruto, who has much helpful information.

5. A key. [J]

6. Another guard outpost. One of the guards in here has a key [K]. Inside the jail, the first batch of doors can be beaten down. The ones that are "massive doors" require a key.

7. Fintor. He tells you that there are secret passages and that he hid some stuff by a chasm of fire.

8. Griffle. He tells you a bit about the mines to the east that he was once forced to work in.

9. Kallistan. You can get him to trust you by giving him the password to Goldthirst's treasure, "Deco Morono." He gives you a crystal and asks you to go to the area south of the prison and clear out an evil presence in the tombs of his ancestors. He also warns you not to disturb the tombs themselves.

10. Dantes. After speaking with him he'll reveal a new path out of his cell to the north, to an area where you need to make some jumps over lava to make use of it.

11. A passage here will open automatically if you are carrying the cystal splinter. You'll want to bring a rock hammer, so make sure you still have one.

12. Here, behind a secret door in one of the tombs, is a ghost.

13. Oh, so this is the medallion that lets you get past the guards, evidently. Ah well. :)

14. A ragged scroll with a map that shows you how to get through lava pit maze.

15. Stairs to the 8th level where you go through a small room and pop back up on the 7th.

16. Here's where you pop back up to, a treasury with an Imp who tells you a riddle about which treasure to take. Grab the crown with the white gem.

17. A magical silver ring of Levitation. Getting to it is a pain but it makes getting out of the lava chasm a lot easier and it makes Level 8 a LOT easier.

18. A shrine.

19. Stairs down to the mine on level 8. In the back corner there is a silver ring of Magic Protection.

20. The Lava Pit key. It's hiding under a skull. [L] The door, according to the ragged scroll, leads to the area full of restless spirits Naruto warned you about. None of your keys open it yet, however.

21. A shadow spirit that is pretty hardy. The black sword is magical and quite powerful.

22. This is the room that the scroll on the ground in the lava chasm is a map to. However, if you grabbed the ring of levitation or still have the potion of fly, you can skip the entire puzzle and just fly across the room.

23. Put on the crown from the treasure room with the imp, and the correct path will become gold under your feet. Leaving the path is a poor idea.

24. Tyball! Amusingly, he started fireballing me before I even opened the door, and so busted the door open himself. I don't know if that's a regular occurrance, however. Talk to him, then throw the Orb Rock from the mine at the Orb (in the center of the room behind him) to cripple his power (is it just me or are we recycling Ultima I here?), then kill him and take his keys. ([M] and what I believe is a duplicate of [K]. M is the one with the skull head.)

25. Arial. Amulet of Travel, really? Once she is free, head out through the secret passage back to tunnels you know, and return to the prison to unlock the remaining cell doors with [M].

26. Bolinard will offer to draw you a map, and do so on the back of a picture inscribed "Tom". Take that back to Judy on the 5th level for the Key of Love.

27. Smonden. He gives you the key [N] to the door to the north that leads up to the Key of Courage's chamber.

28. Gurstang. He is a friend to Illomo back on the 6th level, and he tells you to tell him "Folanae" and he'll tell you how to find the Key of Truth.

Level 3 redux:

25. Beat down the door to this room, kill the spirits within and take the key to the door on the other side.

26. Within is the Key of Courage.

Level 6 Redux:

Return to Illomo (14) and tell him Folanae. He will direct you to the Library, where you must find a book with that word in it. It is called "Folanae Fanlo".

Go to a shrine and recite "Fanlo" as a mantra to receive the Key of Truth.

Level 5 Redux:

Return to Judy (11) and show her the picture. Her tears will become the Key of Love. You might want to save first, when I did it the key appeared in the lava. I was fortunately still able to take it.

Level 8:

If you sleep, the ghost of Garamond will come to you and ask you to lay his bones to rest.

The map of this level is not nearly complete- I did not take the time to explore more than I needed to. There are some really nice magic items on this level, but basically none of them are remotely necessary at this point.

1. You can beat this door down. Inside is a man named Carasso. He probably knows useful things about the level, but I told him to escape. If you offer him food immediately, he'll tell you of a dry route to the Chamber of Virtue and give you a key to open it. Otherwise you'll have to get there over lava, as I will. (If you offer him food later he gives you a wand.)

2. The bones of Garamon. You can identify them by all the runestones around them, also the ring ot invisibility and the scroll of Freeze Time. Grab them and take them to level 5, where his crypt is.

Level 5 Redux:

Use the bones on Garamon's tombstone (2), and speak to his ghost. When he can't figure out what to use, say "Talisman", then "Lava". He tells you you need a "Three part key"- drop each of the Keys of Courage, Truth, and Love on top of each other and you'll create the "Key of Infinity", the triparte key that you need.

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3. Throw all 8 talismans of virtue into the lava, and you and the Slasher of Veils will be sucked into a moongate. Follow the green path (as instructed by the orb back on level 1!), which takes a week of running, to escape with your life and win!

Other useful information:

List of Mantras

Acrobat       : FAL
Appraise      : HUNN
Attack        : RA
Attack Skills : SUMM RA
Axe           : GAR
Casting       : SOL
Charm         : UN
Defense       : ANRA
Lore          : LAHN
Mace          : KOH
Magic Skills  : MU AHM
Mana          : IMU
Other Skills  : OM CAH
Missile       : FAHM
Picklock      : AAM
Repair        : LON
Search        : LU
Sneak         : MUL
Swimming      : ONO
Sword         : AMO
Track         : SAHF
Traps         : ROMM
Unarmed       : ORA