Princes of the Apocalypse: Avatar the Last Airbender Edition

Character options


All options from the PHB, Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, and Xanathar's are available to players. In addition, options from PotA itself are added and can be seen in this PDF: Elemental_Evil_Players_Companion_(5e).pdf. The Aarakocra are banned, because fuck giving out free fly speed. Note that the spells in that PDF are all in Xanathar's, so there's no need to look at them separately.

Characters should be generally good aligned or at least willing to work towards good goals. Some inter-character friction may occur but I would prefer the game not turn into a PVP-fest.

Optional Rules:

PHB 165: Feats
XGE 77: Rate of Falling/Flying and Falling. As PotA will, at minimum, have air elementals, it seemed worth expanding the base falling rules.
XGE 77: Sleep. This expands the rules for waking someone up, sleeping in armor, and going without sleep.
XGE 78: Adamantine Weapons. I don't really know why we'd care, but why not.
XGE 78: Tying Knots. Why knot?
XGE 78: Tool Proficiencies. As I am yet to see a situation where we've cared about having a tool proficiency, and I certainly wouldn't take one over a skill proficiency, there will be benefits to trying something for which you have both a relevant skill and tool.
XGE 85: Identifying a spell. Allows you to as an action or reaction identify a spell previously cast, or as a reaction identify a spell being cast. NOTE: Since both this and Counterspell use your reaction, you don't have time to figure out what spell is being cast before you counter it!

House Rules:

The Lucky feat is modified thusly: If you use it while you have disadvantage, roll two dice and choose one.

Adventure Hooks

Each player is encouraged to choose one of the following hooks. No two characters should choose the same hook. Additional information will be given once it is chosen, unless it is more open ended, in which case details can be invented collaboratively between players and GM.

  1. Best Served Cold: A run-in with a cruel minstrel has you seeking revenge.
  2. Dangerous Information: You overheard bandits planning a raid and intend to stop them.
  3. Dangerous Secret: You have been assigned the task of infiltrating a mysterious circle of Druids.
  4. Dark Omens: The signs and portents are clear: Terrible disaster is drawing nearer every day.
  5. Feathergale Rebel: You have been sent to retrieve a Waterdhavian noble.
  6. The Fugitive: You are on the trail of a ruthless murderer.
  7. Hired Hand: Some kindly homesteaders you worked for in the past have gone missing. You seek to find and rescue them.
  8. Madman at Haunted Keep:Unsavory sorts have occupied a nearby keep, and you know a secret way in.
  9. The Mud Sorcerer: A cruel sorcerer robbed you and killed innocents. You're going to make sure it doesn't happen again.
  10. Ominous Dream: You've had dreams of a dangerous villain who must be stopped.
  11. Recover the Sword: You were the apprentice to a blacksmith who was murdered, and the murderers made off with a beautiful sword she made.
  12. Rescue Your People: People you feel responsible for have been abducted. You will free them at all costs.
  13. Seeking Revenge: Cultists burned your home or razed a small village. You have sworn an oath to stop them.
  14. Settle a Score: Marauders robbed your friends or family and left you for dead. You seek to even the score.
  15. Shatterkeel's Trail: You're on the trail of the man who destroyed your ship and killed dozens of sailors.
  16. Standing Offer: You served as a guide for a group of pilgrims traveling to an isolated monastery. Something seemed off about them.
  17. Strange Map: An ancient map has come into your possession.
  18. Suspicious Fellow: You have your suspicions about a knight and intend to investigate.
  19. Undercover: You have been tasked with breaking up a smuggling and piracy ring.
  20. Walked Away: You were recruited into a dangerous cult, but left. Now you want to stop them.


Five factions are available for play in this campaign. Faction membership can lead to new sources of information and favors and opportunities for advancement within your faction. However, you may also be expected to take on jobs that further the goals of your faction. You may start the campaign already a member of one of these factions, or you may join a faction through roleplay during the campaign. Joining a faction is optional and players who do not belong to a faction will not be penalized.

The factions are the Harpers, the Lord's Alliance, the Order of the Gauntlet, the Emerald Enclave, and the Zhentarim. More information about each faction can be found in the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide on page 147.

Feel free to pile this on with the "Faction Agent" background, but by no means feel obligated to.